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Pricing & Setup (Choose your billing cycle)
Setup Fee 40 AUD
Option 1: Pay Monthly 20 AUD
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee N/A
Setup Time 30 Seconds
Quota Allotment
Summary Disk Usage N/A
Summary Traffic 10 GB
Default Disk Space Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
Domain Resources
Multiple Domain Hosting 1 Domain
Sub Domain N/A
Third Level Domain N/A
Stopgap Domain N/A
Domain Alias 5 Domain Alias
Parked Domain (DNS Hosting) 1 Domain Parked
Mail Domain Alias 1 Mail Domain Alias
Web Services & Tools
CGI with Custom Mapping N/A
Own CGI-Bin Directory N/A
MS Front Page Support N/A
ASP Secured N/A
NET Framework N/A
Server Side Includes (w/ custom file extension) N/A
PHP with GD (Latest stable version) N/A
Perl with GD (Latest stable version) N/A
Cold Fusion MX 6.1 N/A
Redirect URL N/A
Custom Directory Indexes N/A
Pre-installed Commonly Used Components / DLL Free
Custom DLL Components Free
Server Side Image Map N/A
PhpMyAdmin / PhpPgAdmin Free
Web Shell (Advanced File Management Interface) N/A
Password Protected Directories Free
Site Studio Software
(Best Selling Website Creation Tool, WYSIWYG plus tons of templates and features!)
PHP BB 2 Forum Software N/A
Custom Error Document N/A
MS SQL Server Manager N/A
Transfer Log (Access Log) N/A
Referrer Log N/A
Agent Log N/A
Error Log N/A
Webalizer Site Statistics N/A
Mail Services & Tools
Web Mail Free
Mailbox 25 Mailbox
Default Mailbox Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) 5 MB
Email Auto Responder 5 Auto Responder
Catch All Email Address Free
Mailbox Alias 25 Mailbox Alias
Mail Forward 25 Mail Forward
Mailing List 5 Mailing List
Own SMTP Server Free
IMAP Support Free
Dedicated SSL Module N/A
Shared SSL N/A
OS Commerce Shopping Cart N/A
MySql User N/A
MySql Database N/A
Default MySql Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
MS SQL Database N/A
Default MS SQL Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
PgSql User N/A
PgSql Database N/A
Default PgSql Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
Advance Features & Others
Anonymous FTP Server N/A
FTP Sub Account N/A
Virtual FTP Server N/A
ODBC Service N/A
Custom DNS Records N/A
Shell Access N/A
Crontab N/A
Dedicated IP Address N/A
Daily Backup Free

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